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Protect Your Phoenix, AZ Family From Dangerous Pests

When you are inside your home, you should feel safe from unwanted pests. You don't want to worry about pests negatively affecting the health and well-being of your children, your guests, or your pets. Fortunately, our experts at Preferred Choice Pest Control can help you safely and effectively eliminate your pest problem. Preferred Choice Pest Control is a locally owned and operated business providing effective pest control services to Arizona homes.

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What To Expect From Our Home Pest Control


To begin, one of our friendly technicians will come out and do a free inspection looking for signs of pest activity in and around your home. We then talk to you, explaining what we found and what we think will be the best way to eliminate any pests in your home. We not only provide treatment recommendations, but we also offer suggestions and strategies to eliminate pests long-term.

We do not use toxic pesticides that might cause problems for you. Instead, we use natural and safe treatments that will kill the pests without harming you, your pets, or the environment. Once the pests are gone, we will come out monthly or bi-monthly to refresh the treatment, so you can rest assured that your home remains pest-free. Even further, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you see a pest return, we will come back out and re-treat for free. We service the entirety of the West Valley and beyond. If you have pests, give us a call and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

When you call, you will get a callback within 24 hours if we cannot speak to you immediately. When we talk to you, we can give you an estimate and schedule a free inspection. During our inspection, we survey the exterior and interior of your home looking for typical pest hot spots and entry areas. As we inspect your property, we note what features in your yard are harboring pests and come up with elimination and mitigation strategies. Inside your home, we check each room, including the attic, basement, and crawl space.  Finally, we will discuss all of our findings and provide recommendations for treatment.

When you accept our recommendations, you can expect us to do the following:

  • We will keep you safe with eco-friendly, natural, and safe treatments.

  • Our exterior treatments use a spray rig to treat the outside of the home, including block walls

  • Our interior treatments focus on pest hot spots such as under sinks,  behind appliances, and window and door tracks. We also thoroughly treat your laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas with signs of pest activity.

  • We completely treat the interior of the garage including the use of pest-control powder on all garage doors and door jams.

  • Our safe and natural treatments mean your pests are eliminated without turning your house into a toxic pesticide dump. It does no good to kill the pests if the treatment makes you sick or requires you to leave your home for several days. We treat your house with the same products we use to treat our own. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means if you see a pest between treatments, we will re-treat it for free.


The Preferred Pest Control Process












Keep Pests Away From Your Phoenix Property

There are a lot of pests in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Because it stays relatively warm in the winter, they never really go dormant. While we offer one-time treatments, the reality is that pests will come back once the initial treatment wears off. To prevent that, we offer monthly or bi-monthly preventative treatments. We treat your home at a follow-up the same way we did to eliminate the pests in the first place. As we inspect and treat your property, we will also offer preventative techniques to keep pests from entering your home in the first place. You can sleep soundly knowing you and your family are safe from the hazards associated with unwanted pests.

Do you treat your pets like family? Our treatments eliminate fleas and ticks from your home. We can’t totally eliminate them from the yard, but we can eliminate most of them. This is important not just for your pets, but for your kids as they play outside. Flea bites hurt, and fleas can transmit bubonic plague, murine typhus, tularemia, bartonellosis, and tapeworm. Ticks are even worse because they can transmit Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and plague, to name a few. Don’t risk your children or your pets. Call us to treat your yard today.

Trust Your Phoenix Home & Family With Us

We are a locally owned and operated company that started our pest control careers to protect our children and our family. We not only want them to stay safe, but we also want you to stay safe too. We want to keep you and your family safe from toxic pesticides, so we use only safe and natural treatments. We treat your family with the same care as we treat our own families.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you see a pest return, we will come out and re-treat your home at our expense. You can trust the experts at Preferred Choice Pest Control. From our family to yours, call us today so we can start your journey to a pest-free home.

Find out how we protect Phoenix, AZ businesses from pests.

Request Your Free Inspection



When you find a pest or notice pest activity, you may not know which pest is causing the problem, but you will know that something is wrong. When you call us, we will come out and do an inspection.

Many times, the first pest is not the only problem in the home. For example, if you have spiders inside your house, there must be a second pest for them to feed on. If you see a beetle, we see a carpet beetle or a weevil. The exact identification of the pest is important because different treatments work for different pests.

As we inspect your property and identify pest activity, we will come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes strategies to kill the pest as well as recommendations to eliminate entry points, harborage areas, and food and water sources.


After our initial treatment, we will follow-up to make sure that your home remains safe and comfortable.

When you enroll in our monthly or bi-monthly treatment program, we will come out every month or bi-monthly and re-apply the treatment inside and out. This prevents more pests from getting into your house. If you have any new concerns, we will take care of them as well.

Our friendly technicians and eco-friendly treatments will keep your home and yard safe from the dangers associated with problem area pests.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

Once we identify the extent of the problem, we decide which treatment product will be the most efficient in eliminating the pest. Then, we treat the exterior and interior. Outside, we use a spray rig to reach all over the house. While we are at it, we use the proper tools to remove webs and wasp nests.

Inside, we use a hand sprayer to spray the inside perimeter. We spray the typical hotspots, such as under the bathroom sink, under the kitchen sink, behind appliances, and window and door tracks.

We also treat basements, bathrooms, attics, and other areas with signs of pest activity. Not only will this treatment kill your pests, but it also leaves a non-toxic residue that will kill any new pests for up to a month. We guarantee it.

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