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What Happens When You Find A Pest In Your Phoenix, AZ Business?

If someone finds a pest in your building, the health department may well get involved, and you may get fines or other enforcement action. Short-circuit that hassle! Call Preferred Choice Pest Control, we know just what to do to fix the problem. Our service professionals are thoroughly trained in finding and treating Phoenix, AZ pests, so if a pest or pests are present, they will find it.

Apartment Complexes









Apartments can be tough to keep pest-free. If a pest becomes established in one apartment, it spreads to the adjacent apartments. It doesn't take long for the whole apartment building to be infested. The best way to prevent a rampant pest problem is by regular, professional pest control treatments. We at Preferred Choice Pest Control are experienced in treating apartments so won't have to worry. Keep your structure and your tenants safe.

Bars & Restaurants



When your restaurant or bar has a pest problem, it is unappealing to customers and will undoubtedly affect your bottom line and close your doors. A pest problem will irreparably ruin your reputation. It is much better to call the professionals at Preferred Choice Pest Control to treat existing pests and prevent them from coming back. Get ahead of the curve and have us come out and do preventive treatments before pests enter the premises. Don’t risk your business, call us for help today.

"Mom & Pop" Shops










Most "mom and pop" stores have pretty tight budgets. Not many can afford the fines and bad reputation that happen when you have pests. It is easy to dismiss pest control as “something we can’t afford,” until you have a pest problem. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish; call Preferred Choice Pest Control and set up a monthly or bi-monthly service plan before you have pests. In the end, it will save you a lot of money.


Office Buildings










No one wants to work with roaches or other pests. If your office building has pests, it upsets your employees and tenants. They very well may find another, pest-free, place to be. Having tenants flee and employees quit because of pests can ruin your reputation and destroy your bottom line. Call Preferred Choice Pest Control and we can eliminate pests and keep them out of your building in the future. If you don’t have a pest problem, call us anyway so we can make sure you don’t have one in the future.


Strip Malls











Strip malls, with all the different kinds of stores and restaurants, can attract rats and other pests. Don't let pests result in a failed inspection. Additionally, if one tenant has pests, the pests quickly spread to other tenants. You could be looking at expensive fines if the pests aren’t eliminated. Save money and avoid hassles. Hire us at Preferred Choice Pest Control to eliminate existing pests and make sure no new ones appear. Not only is it much cheaper than fines, but your tenants will also be happier with you.











Your warehouse is where your products are that you are ready to sell to customers. Don’t let pests eat or foul your products. Not only will a pest problem reduce your inventory, but if just one customer gets damaged or infested products, it could ruin your reputation as well. When you call Preferred Choice Pest Control, we will get rid of any existing pests and keep them away. Don’t risk your reputation, call us today.


Your Business Deserves Great Service

Commercial pest control is different from residential pest control. It involves more constraints on what you can do, more space that needs treating, and, if poorly executed, it will quickly destroy your reputation. At Preferred Choice Pest Control, we get that. We will come out and provide a free inspection to determine your current pest control needs.

After treating those areas, we will come out monthly or bi-monthly as needed to make sure that pests stay away. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each treatment. If you ever see a pest between treatments, we will come out immediately and re-treat the area. Don’t let pests threaten your business; call us today.









Reasons To Choose Preferred Choice Pest Control

You have a lot at stake when you choose a pest control company. Not only will bad pest control damage your reputation, you actually have to pay for it twice, once for the bad company, once for the good company. Call Preferred Choice Pest Control the first time. We use safe and natural treatments instead of toxic pesticides. Keep your building clean and your employees, tenants, and customers safe.

Here are several reasons why you should choose Preferred Choice Pest Control:

  • When you call Preferred Choice Pest Control, you get the benefit of our founder's experience every time.

  • We serve customers throughout West Valley. If you live in the valley, we will help you.

  • Every service professional must take continuing education from respected sources every year to remain licensed.

  • We have a warranty; if you see a pest, we will come re-treat for free.


Prevent Phoenix, AZ Pest Problems with 

Preferred Choice Pest Control

Our goal is to keep everyone safe from pests and the damage they do –not just physically, but to your business reputation, possible fines, and other problems. We do that the best way we can, by treating pests, providing maintenance programs for pest activity, and providing expert advice about your pest treatment needs.

We strive to build relationships with our clients while providing the best care possible. Remember, we treat your business the way we treat our own. Call us today so that we can help you make your pest problems a thing of the past!

Find out how we protect Phoenix, AZ homes from pests.

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